SIL Assessment Report

icon_pdfSafety Integrity Level (SIL) Assessment Report


The Functional Safety Assessment of the BETA B.V., performed by exida Certification S.A. consisted of the following activities:


exida Certification S.A. assessed the setup of the development process used by BETA B.V.

for development projects against the relevant requirements of IEC 61508:2000 (hereafter called IEC 61508) parts 1 and 2.


Subject to this assessment were the Functional Safety Planning activities,

the tailoring of the Verification and Validation activities and the realization of the technical safety aspects using the
Pressure, Temperature and Vacuum Switches development project.


exida Certification S.A. audited the development process by a detailed development audit which investigated the compliance with IEC 61508 of the processes,

procedures and techniques as implemented for the BETA B.V. Pressure, Temperature and Vacuum Switches development.

The investigation was executed using subsets of the IEC 61508 requirements tailored to the work scope of the development team.


exida Certification S.A. assessed the Safety Case prepared by BETA B.V. against the technical requirements of IEC 61508.