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The “W”-series is a worldwide best seller.


The SIL 3 Applicable certified Wseries is available with separate adjustment

compartment which allows easy field calibration.


Available as Pressure, Hydraulic, Vacuum, Differential pressure, and Temperature switches, the W-series offers a comprehensive array of solutions to meet the diverse demands of modern industries.


No matter the complexity of your industrial environment or the specificity of your application, our versatile offerings guarantee optimal solutions tailored precisely to your unique requirements.


ATEX approved (Acc. 2014/34/eu):


ITS 17ATEX 101854 X

* For Gas  : Ex II 2G Ex db IIC  T6…T5 Gb
* For Dust : Ex II 2D Ex tb IIIC  T100°C Db

IECEx approved:


IECEx ITS 17.0019 X

Ex db IIC  T6….T5 Gb

Ex tb IIIC T100 °C Db

  • Aluminium with Extremely rugged powder coated enclosure which is suitable for tough offshore applications. (1000 hrs. Salt spray test acc. to DIN 50021, IEC 60068-2-11 or ASTM B117-90) or 316 SS enclosure.
  • Separate adjustment compartment.
  • All ranges available.
  • Highest overrange protection.
  • Excellent for field mounting (2” Pipe SS mounting bracket available).
  • Epoxy coating optional.
  • Also available in SS316.

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