Legacy Products

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Legacy Products


We take pride in our legacy products, which have served as cornerstones in various industries for decades. These products have not only stood the test of time but have also set benchmarks for quality, reliability, and performance.


Our legacy products embody the essence of our commitment to innovation and excellence. They have been trusted by customers worldwide to deliver consistent results in demanding environments, earning a reputation for durability and dependability.


While we continuously strive to innovate and introduce new technologies, we recognize the significance of our legacy products and the role they have played.


They serve as a testament to our enduring dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our customers and delivering solutions that exceed expectations.


As we move forward, we remain committed to supporting our legacy products and their users.


Our sales team stands ready to provide assistance, spare parts (when available), and technical expertise, to ensure that these products continue to perform at their best.


  • Available in Aluminium Or SS316 (for offshore applications)
  • Available as Pressure-, Hydraulic-, Vacuum-, Differential pressure
    (not on “D..D” Serie) and Temperature switch
  • All ranges available except for P301L and P302L
  • Limited to “R1/R2” switching element.
  • High overrange protection
  • Easy and quick electrical connection


  • The stainless steel Mini Explosion- proof switch is designed for Offshore application.
  • Available as Pressure-, Hydraulic-, and Temperature switch.
    (Not as Differential pressure switch).
  • All available from full up to 540 bar.
  • Temperature Ranges for Temperature switches —50 to +300°C.
  • S.P.D.T. and D.P.D.T. execution available.
  • Highest overrange protection.
  • Combined, easy installation in (optional) EExe box (Min. installation space).
  • Easy field adjustment.


  • In cast iron (“V”-type)
  • With separate adjustment -compartment.
  • Available as Pressure-, Hydraulic-, Vacuum-,
  • Differential pressure- and Temperature switch.
  • All ranges available.
  • Highest overrange protection.
  • Excellent for field mounting.
    (2” Pipe mounting bracket – as accessories available)
  • Heavy duty execution.

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